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Software Migration

Do you have an old application that could use new life?
Our migration process preserves your investment and saves you time and money!

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Programming and Application Develoment

Need new software? Want to make some changes to an existing application?
We can help! No job too small.

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Free Estimates

Where possible we will provide you with a free estimate as to the cost of a migration, new development or in some cases, maintenance for your existing application.   Call us today to learn more.

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On Site, Remote Access and FTP Service

 While we will come to your site when necessary, at your expense, it is seldom needed.   Normally, services are provided via our FTP Service or by Remote Access.   With our FTP Service we can securely transfer your data and code automatically encrypted over the net.   The service is easy to use and we are available to assist you when you need help.  We also provide services via Remote Access when needed. 

Typically, our customers will send us the code and data via our FTP Service.   We then make the necessary modifications and return their code and data via our FTP Service.   This eliminates disruptions to your work environment, enhances work productivity on our end, and helps to keep your cost down.

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Database Management Systems Supported

Today's programming platforms can interface with a variety of database management systems, such as MySQL, MSSQL and Oracle, to name a few. We can help you fully utilize these database platforms, modify your existing applications to take advantage of them, or help fine-tune your database. We can also migrate your data from one database to another. In addition, we provide stored procedure development or support services.

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