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Old applications typically represent a significant business investment; and more often than not, they serve as a critical part of the business.  Unfortunately these applications have a limited lifespan due to the ever changing nature of the computer industry.  Migration allows you to retain much of your original investment through code reuse and redevelopment.

Our migration process is comprised of a series of sequential steps. The steps taken depend on the type of application, current language and target language for the new application. Regardless of the exact approach used, the resulting application will have a significantly improved usable lifespan. 

When the current application is a dBase, Clipper or FoxPro application our first choice is to use Visual FoxPro 9 as the platform for the new application.  The value of using Visual FoxPro 9 as the new application platform is the ability to reuse code and data structures from the old version.  We will also use C#, PHP, ASP and other languages depending on your need. In addition, we can use MS SQL or MYSQL as the database manager with if you so desire or when your application requires it.  The original platform, the target platform, and database manager dictates how much of your old code can be reused.

With some Visual FoxPro applications we can perform a migration to the current version with only minor changes to the original source code. These minimum change migrations are the exceptions and not the norm. With the typical dBase, Clipper or FoxPro application there are multiple steps that are required for a successful migration.  The older dBase, Clipper and FoxPro application do allow for some code reuse.

When we are migrating an application to Visual FoxPro we use an Application Framework.  The Application Framework provides basic functionality through a combination of program files, classes and data structures. The Framework also provides a stable foundation upon which new applications can be built. By using an existing Framework, the development effort is focused on business logic instead of standard processing functions.

In short, our migration process saves you development cost and extends the value of your original investment by giving your old application new life.

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