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We are a National Consulting firm, providing services to government agencies and companies of all types and sizes. We have nearly forty years of experience developing and migrating applications, along with providing business and systems analysis, project management and user training services. While we specialize in migrating and supporting migrating older application platforms, we also develop custom applications on today's platforms designed to meet our client's requirements.

International services are also available!

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Our Founder and Senior Consultant

David E. Myrick started Myrick Consulting Services in 1984. Mr. Myrick continues to serve as our President and Senior Consultant. His extensive industry knowledge guides our staff so that they can continue providing cutting edge application development, analysis and support for older applications.

His vast knowledge of the xBase lanaguages, Clipper, dBase, xHarbour, FoxPro and Visual FoxPro enables us to support any application built on these platforms.

He also provides the business and systems analysis skills to identify application and change requiremetns, and application design specifications

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Where possible we will provide you with a free estimate as to the cost of a migration, new development or maintenance for your existing application.

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