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We provide maintenance and enhancement programming services for all xBase applications, including dBase III+ through dBase VII.  We have been providing dBase Programming Services since dBase III+ was first introduced in 1985. 



dBase applications can be easily migrated to the latest Visual FoxPro.  Depending on the programming style used with your application, the code can be highly compatible with Visual FoxPro code.  Much of the business logic can be copied with few modifications into a new Visual FoxPro application.  The data structures are also nearly identical to those of FoxPro which simplifies the process of migrating your data. 

As with Clipper and FoxPro applications, we can migrate these applications to other platforms, such as C#, PHP, ASP or Visual Basic.  However the lack of compatibility with the language syntax of these other platforms does require the application to be rewritten.  The business logic can still be derived from the old code, but none of the old code can be reused.

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A Little History

Ashton Tate was founded in 1981. Their first programming language was dBase II which was a based on a database application named Vulcan, created by Martin Marietta and Wayne Ratliff. Ashton Tate released dBase III+ in 1985 to meet the growing demand for a more robust database management system. dBase III+ quickly gained a large share of the personal computing and small business market. This was primarily due to the fact the programming language was easy to use, maintain and adapt to a wide variety of business needs.

When the company first released dBase IV, it was a buggy product that killed their place in the market nearly overnight. A series of poor business decisions led to the release of dBase IV and the final demise of the company. dBase was sold to Borland in 1991, which released a number of new versions. Unfortunately, for dBase lovers, dBase would never regain the control of the market it enjoyed through the end of the 80's.

Ashton Tate's foresight and mistakes enabled other database management systems to enter the market and eventually take center stage. Both Clipper and FoxPro both owe their success to Vulcan and to Ashton Tate's dBase.

You can learn more about the History of dBase; along with other programming languages at Wikipedia.

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